Berkey Water Purifier Special Discount!

The Berkey Water Purifier giveaway ended last night, and it was one of the most successful giveaways I’ve been involved with. Reading over 100 blog comments, I felt alternatively inspired and saddened. Inspired by the many, many readers who value the health and environmental effects of pure drinking water. And saddened that our municipalities cannot provide this for us, and that environmental pollutants have made us scared to drink the water from our tap, wells, or springs. It’s one of the reasons I love using a Berkey purifier – I know that I’m drinking pure filtered water, with the healthy minerals left in.

As a follow up to the giveaway, the awesome folks at United Environmental Solutions (UES) are offering an opportunity for an amazing discount on Berkey water purifiers. If you have always wanted one, but have been on the fence because of the price, this is an amazing opportunity, and I’m really excited to share it with you!

Here’s the scoop: For the next three weeks, June 2-22, my fellow giveaway co-hosts and I (all affiliates with UES) are able to extend an amazing discount via a bulk buying Co-op – a discount SO BIG WE CAN’T WRITE ABOUT IT HERE :)  (But you can email me at for details – wink!)

Image Credit: My Healthy Green Family

Image Credit: My Healthy Green Family

The following systems are eligible for a discount:
Travel Berkey
Go Berkey Kit
Berkey Light
Big Berkey
Royal Berkey
Imperial Berkey
Crown Berkey

(**Note, as of June 13, Crown and Imperial systems may have a shipping delay due to demand!)

Replacement Purification Elements and PF2 Reduction filters are eligible for a flat 10% discount.

If you are interested in purchasing a Berkey system through this discount Co-op, please email me at and let me know:

Your Name
Your Email
What you’re interested in purchasing.

After the ordering period has closed, I will submit this information to UES, and they will invoice you for payment, and ship to you directly (shipping may take 2-3 weeks because of volume and supply).

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below, and I’ll do my best to answer them for you. Or if you have specific questions about Berkey products or the Co-Op, you are welcome to contact Dan of UES at and let him know I sent you!

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  1. Ed Brown says:

    This looks like a nice filter and a convenient alternative in some cases, but be sure you and your readers understand, this filter can only reduce heavy metals, not remove them entirely. Read their specs here: And there is no mechanism to show when the sorption media reaches saturation and allows nasties to pass. In situations where high heavy metals, dissolved and elemental sulphur and certain chemicals are present, distillation is the best treatment. When consuming distilled or rain water, you should also take mineral supplements.

  2. So glad Ed responded because that’s the question I emailed Dan. . . removing heavy metals like lead, arsenic, etc. Hmmm.

    What a lovely blog you have! Lylah

  3. Hi, Teri. Just a quick question about buying a Berkey. I may be overlooking this information, but can’t seem to find it on their site. When you buy one, do you get filters with the initial purchase or do you have to order them separately? Thanks!

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